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Culture of Inclusion

group of male and female business people in meeting

Accelerating our global culture of inclusion where every individual belongs is one of the four pillars of our DEI Strategy. Culture is established and reinforced through our daily actions and interactions across the organization and with external partners. It requires deliberate and consistent behaviors, always taking the decision in the moment to reinforce inclusive practice, so that our inclusive culture is always reflected in everyone’s words and actions.

Specifically, to accelerate our culture of inclusion, we rely on deep insights from across our organization to understand DEI needs—at the individual, country and regional levels. Recognizing that culture is led from the top, our most senior leaders act as role models. We recognize and reward our people for their contribution to advancing our culture of inclusion through our annual DEI honors. Our active networks, including our ERGs, help drive our progress with the passion and creativity they bring to our diverse global organization.

People are at the core of everything, which is why companies must prioritize programs that nurture talent, while encouraging new points of view. It’s essential that leaders set the tone for the inclusion of all people and their innovative ideas, and actively explore opportunities to foster diversity not only on internal teams, but through suppliers and partners.
Kathy Wengel
Executive Vice President & Chief Global Supply Chain Officer, Johnson & Johnson
90% of employees agreed that senior leadership respects the dignity and diversity of all employees (Our Voice Survey, 2021).
woman in wheelchair at office desk

In 2021, we made progress across all these dimensions of accelerating a culture of inclusion. Read more in these sections:

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