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Educating for Inclusion

Culture of Inclusion
Educating for Inclusion

A true culture of inclusion that enables respect and dignity to flourish is rooted in being open to understanding and welcoming people from different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. It is a first step to building trust, acceptance and appreciation. Understanding the rich and extensive histories of diverse communities around the world helps us better meet the needs of our patients and consumers. That’s why a core element of our strategy is expanding our knowledge of different cultures and their history. Education for inclusion also means providing colleagues with tools to recognize their own biases and understand how to be more inclusive in thought and actions.

Building cultural competency skills: We launched a unique immersive education series, “Exploring Our Diversity.” This interactive, self-guided online experience shared the journey of the Black community in the U.S. through 400 years of Black history across five modules, each focusing on a distinct period in Black history. To add additional insight, we scheduled live sessions with collegiate professors who engaged in discussion and responded to employee questions. In 2022, “Exploring Our Diversity” will continue with the history, challenges and achievements of the Asian American community. Further installments are planned through 2022 and beyond, including a Hispanic/Latino learning.

See this video from the launch of “Exploring Our Diversity,” featuring our CDEIO speaking to this important work:

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Overcoming bias to deliberate inclusion: We’re on a journey at Johnson & Johnson—taking steps each day to create an inclusive culture where everyone can feel they belong. By rolling out unconscious bias training across our global workforce, we’ve helped thousands of our colleagues eliminate their hidden biases. In 2021, we took another step in our DEI journey by introducing Conscious Inclusion, a workforce training program that builds on Unconscious Bias by teaching employees how to be intentional in creating an environment where curiosity about differences is encouraged and where inclusion is the mutual responsibility of all employees. We piloted the Conscious Inclusion training with select senior leaders in preparation for an enterprise-wide rollout in 2022 focusing on three key inclusive leadership capability areas:

  • Role model inclusive behaviors
  • Attract and develop leaders who reflect the communities we serve
  • Drive personal accountability as an individual and a team leader
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In 2021, our Supply Chain Information Security and Risk Management team hosted a Hackathon for Inclusion. The Hackathon utilized the diverse backgrounds and technology skills of more than 100 colleagues to tackle complex DEI challenges. Solutions generated during the Hackathon included creating STEM opportunities for Latinx and Black youth, a data-analytics-driven program to help attract young people to technology careers, and adult internships for Latinx and Black leaders in technology roles at Johnson & Johnson.

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