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Growing Our DEI Networks

Culture of Inclusion
Growing Our DEI Networks

Across our enterprise, DEI networks play a vital role in driving outcomes and impact. They offer opportunities for those with similar affinities and interests to share experiences, support each other and drive our strategy forward using their unique insights and perspectives.

Our Regional Advisory Boards

Our Regional Advisory Boards play a critical role in shaping our global DEI journey. They collaborate with our DEI Regional Lead’s to understand local insights and develop regionally relevant strategies. Senior leaders are nominated by Executive Committee Members to the Regional Advisory Boards, where they champion DEI and amplify best practices across our regions.

Employees at Johnson & Johnson Buenos Aires Belgrano commercial office

Enterprise Employee Resource Groups

At Johnson & Johnson, our ERGs are led by senior leaders and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Executive Committee Members. Our enterprise-wide ERGs connect and engage employees across the Company to provide insights on talent and business strategies and drive better outcomes for our colleagues, patients, consumers and communities.

Our ERGs are a vibrant and growing community. In 2021, 28,135 colleagues engaged in our 12 ERGs across 478 chapters (of which 270 are in the U.S. and 208 around the rest of the world).

Since 2015, ERG membership has grown 8x faster than total employee population growth at Johnson & Johnson.

ERG membership

ERG membership graph

Across Johnson & Johnson, thousands of colleagues volunteer their time and talents to drive the important work of our Employee Resource Groups. These 12 ERGs are a source of support and inspiration for our employees and also provide valuable insights that help us make a tangible impact for those we are privileged to serve.
Jennifer Taubert
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals and Executive Committee Sponsor of the Alliance for Diverse Abilities ERG

In 2021, our ERGs helped to advance DEI across our businesses. They engaged in partnerships both internally and externally to make Johnson & Johnson more diverse, more inclusive and more effective in driving equitable outcomes in healthcare. We are pleased to share a small selection of ERG achievements here and in other sections of this Review.

African Ancestry Leadership Council

African Ancestry Leadership Council placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Designed and executed a first enterprise-wide Juneteenth Celebration
  • Continued to support diverse hiring through increased focus on HBCUs 
  • Furthered education and awareness of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials
African Ancestry Leadership Council logo

Alliance for Diverse Abilities

Alliance for Diverse Abilities placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Supported Johnson & Johnson becoming a founding member of The Valuable 500 (see section: Advocacy)
  • Established a partnership with Best Buddies, an organization dedicated to supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Collaborated on the development of accessible packaging with JOHNSON’S Baby and LISTERINE brands
Alliance for Diverse Abilities logo


AMENA placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Launched a virtual learning series to share the culture and history of the Middle East and North Africa region 
  • Created a video explaining the importance of Ramadan within the Muslim community 
  • Provided insights regarding diverse consumer skin tones to clinical research and consumer teams to increase diversity in product testing
Association of Middle Eastern & North African Leadership & Inclusion (AMENA) logo

Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement

Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Created a mentoring program focused on the needs of Asian employees 
  • Conducted events led by a diversity strategist to increase awareness of how Asian values and cultural backgrounds impact how Asians are perceived at work 
  • Collaborated in leveraging Asian employee knowledge for clinical trials
Asian Society for Innovation & Achievement logo

Generation Now

Generation Now placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Hosted the GenNOW Summit to advance a startup mindset and shape the future of work at Johnson & Johnson
  • Established a Global Cultural Exchange, sparked by the isolation felt by employees during COVID-19, for employees to connect 
  • Shaped the approach of Johnson & Johnson Vision to sustainable solutions for contact lenses
Generation Now logo


HOLA placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Signed the Hispanic Promise—a first-of-its-kind pledge to hire, promote, retain and celebrate Hispanics and Latinos in the workplace
  • Provided insights and connected with Hispanic and Latino patients, including a partnership with the Consumer Health skin health innovation team
  • Prepared the next generation of Latina leaders in partnership with Girls with Impact, helping girls learn through a mini-MBA program
HOLA logo

Nursing Alliance

Nursing Alliance placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Launched a cross-sector Ambassador Program Pilot to train employees on resources to connect with key nursing stakeholders
  • Provided a panel of subject matter expert nurses to help inform the R&D team related to the vaccine launch
  • Provided nursing insights to the Patient Engagement and Customer Solutions (PECS) Center of Excellence for better patient engagement
Nursing Alliance logo

Open & Out

Open & Out placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Piloted a reverse mentoring program to help Johnson & Johnson leaders understand LGBTQIA+ diversity issues in the workplace
  • Designed Ally Certification, which introduced themes such as gender expression and preferred pronouns
  • Supported hiring trans-identifying people to join the Consumer Health beauty sales teams in Brazil
Open & Out logo

Pharmacists Network

Pharmacists Network placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Provided vaccine training to Johnson & Johnson pharmacists on how to safely deliver immunizations to protect communities from the spread of COVID-19
  • Expanded outreach to pharmacy HBCUs to introduce diverse student pharmacists to opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry
  • Continued to provide community service virtually at Johnson & Johnson childcare development centers during COVID-19 
Pharmacists Network logo


SAPNA placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Launched a soft-skills development series specifically for South Asians
  • Supported supplier diversity by identifying opportunities with minority- and women-owned suppliers  
  • Consulted with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials (DEICT) teams to increase representation of South Asians in clinical trials
South Asian Professional Network Association (SAPNA) logo

Veterans Leadership Council

Veterans Leadership Council placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Supported the creation of new benefits for enhanced military leave and military spouse paid time off
  • Expanded talent partnerships and outreach with NGOs
  • Continued the Veterans Leadership Development Program with 12 new participants in 2021
  • Supported the Veterans QuickFire Challenge innovation series to drive healthcare solutions for military and veterans
Veterans Leadership Council logo

Women’s Leadership & Inclusion

Women’s Leadership & Inclusion placeholder placeholder placeholder
  • Partnered with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Ambassador Program on a self-directed, yearlong program for emerging leaders
  • Rolled out microaggression training across the organization
  • Created a Diverse Women in Surgery Advisory Panel to share insights from surgeons representing medtech specialties
Women's Leadership & Inclusion logo

Additional ERG-supported achievements are included throughout this review as well as on our website. Learn more

When we actively encourage our employees to bring their whole selves to work and eliminate any pressure to blend in by downplaying their differences, we not only help our employees feel safe, but we make it safe for them to unleash their authentic creative energies and express their best ideas.
Ashley McEvoy
Executive Vice President, Worldwide, Chairman, Johnson & Johnson MedTech, and Executive Sponsor of Open & Out ERG
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