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Diverse Workforce

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At Johnson & Johnson, we are committed to building a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve. This doesn’t happen by chance. Our responsibility as the largest healthcare company in the world is to make sure we are reaching across our regions to find the best talent pools to join our Company. By bringing together people with different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, we fuel our creativity, innovation and growth.

Data about our workforce are reported annually in alignment with the gender, ethnicity and race information that is self-reported by employees and recorded in our HR Information Systems (HRIS). The data shared in this DEI Impact Review is sourced from our externally assured sustainability-related data in our Johnson & Johnson 2021 Health for Humanity Report, which is our primary source for ESG disclosure, and in our 2021 ESG Performance Data.

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+50% Women
LATAM and EMEA achieved gender parity
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Women in Management Positions*
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of management positions* in the U.S. are held by ethnic/racially diverse employees

6.3% of management positions* in the U.S.

are held by Black and African American employees, representing growth of 24.6% from 2020.

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*“Employee” is defined as an individual working full-time or part-time, excluding fixed-term employees, interns and co-op employees. Employee data may not include full population from more recently acquired companies, and individuals on long-term disability are excluded. Contingent workers, contractors and subcontractors are also excluded. Fixed-term contracts make up less than 5% of total employees plus individuals on fixed-term contracts. Johnson & Johnson is not currently able to disclose the number of individuals on fixed-term contracts in 2021. We are working to make this information available in future. Management positions are defined as pay grade 30 and above. In the U.S. and ethnic/racial diversity groups include: Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Other Ethnic Racial Diversity (2+ More Races, NH/PI, AN/AI) employees.

Inspired every day by Our Credo, we strive to create a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve and a culture of belonging where everyone can be their authentic selves. Bringing our diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences and perspectives together is the best way to solve today’s complex health problems and create a healthier, more equitable world.
Peter Fasolo, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Johnson & Johnson

In 2021, we enhanced the diversity of our workforce while reinforcing accountability for DEI throughout our organization’s leadership. Read more in these sections:

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