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Equitable Access and Outcomes

employees in Acuvue office

Our goal is to work toward a society in which all people have fair access, opportunity, resources and the power to thrive. This can only be achieved if we target our efforts at eliminating biases that exist in our society, our communities and even in our business. We are determined to eradicate these barriers to equity through intentional efforts to remove bias in our workplace, improve the inclusiveness of critical business processes, help expand access to healthcare and expand our engagement with diverse external partners.

medical professionals in lab setting
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work includes everyone, across all regions, as an enterprise effort. This work is critical: Diversity of thought that comes from different experiences allows us to challenge the status quo. We need to hear a range of ideas. They fuel us and will help us develop products that will ultimately improve health for humanity.
William N. Hait, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Chief External Innovation, Medical Safety and Global Public Health Officer, Johnson & Johnson

In 2021, we made progress in driving equity throughout our organization, with our business partners and in the communities we serve. Read more in these sections:

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