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Championing Equity in Healthcare

Equitable Access and Outcomes
Championing Equity in Healthcare

Through Our Race to Health Equity, launched in 2020 as a bold aspiration to help eradicate racial and social injustice in healthcare, Johnson & Johnson committed $100 million over five years to invest in and promote health equity solutions for Black communities and other communities of color in the U.S. Beyond our work to drive equity in our workplace through our DEI Strategy and practices, we are forging ahead with programs within our communities and in partnership with universities, health systems, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and governments to build coalitions to develop and expand programs that help close the health gap for people of color. For example, in 2021:

  • We supported 11 health clinics as part of the National Association of Community Health Centers’ Workforce Development Grant Program and partnered with the Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association to increase nursing scholarships for underrepresented groups. We further supported 27 partner organizations and projects focusing on community health workers and health centers that serve people of color.
  • To raise awareness of the important work of health workers in communities of color, we created a six-episode video series featuring conversations with Black doctors and nurses on the front lines of health equity across the U.S.

Episode 1

Chicago: History & Hope

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  • We strengthened our 20-year partnership with the National Medical Fellowships (NMF) including a $450,000, two-year scholarship and mentorship program for Black medical students and a partnership with NMF Diverse Clinical Investigator Training Institute (DCTR) to increase patient diversity in clinical trials. With our support, NMF introduced an inaugural class of 25 physicians into the NMF Diversity in Clinical Trials Research Program to increase the number of underrepresented minority clinicians who serve as lead research managers or principal investigators.
  • In the UK, we launched the Johnson & Johnson STEM Scholars Programme to support Black students studying STEM in further education to help drive a more diverse healthcare workforce. The five-year program supports 25 students for two years and a cohort of 10 students for a further three years during their time at university and will enable students to gain experience through work placements and paid internships at Johnson & Johnson UK.
In early 2021, Johnson & Johnson became a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering for Racial Justice in Business initiative. This initiative is a global coalition of organizations and their C-suite leaders committed to leveraging their individual and collective power to build equitable and just workplaces for professionals with underrepresented racial and ethnic identities.
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