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Innovation and Growth

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We strive to seamlessly infuse DEI into all business areas and across all regions as an enterprise effort that runs across inclusive research, development and partnerships. A core element of our DEI Strategy is enabling and advancing innovation and growth within our business to serve our patients, consumers, customers and overall healthcare needs around the world. We incorporate DEI into inclusive R&D in ways that contribute directly to innovation, growth, business performance and equitable health outcomes.

Our strategic approach to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion is a business imperative and an essential part of our success. Diversity is one of the most important keys to unlock the full innovation potential of an organization like Johnson & Johnson. We want to be a place where ideas and voices are heard, shared and expanded upon. We want to be a company that leads the way.
Joseph J. Wolk
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Johnson & Johnson
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In 2021, we drove innovation throughout our business across multiple dimensions in our three business segments. Please read the Johnson & Johnson 2021 Health for Humanity Report for an overview of our innovation ecosystem and achievements across all our innovation platforms in 2021. In the following sections of this Review, we highlight some areas of innovation specifically inspired by DEI and those that advanced DEI through our innovation processes, products and brands.

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