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We All Belong

We are living in a period of profound change. Our employees, customers, patients and the communities we serve are demanding more from organizations to accelerate diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) outcomes.

At Johnson & Johnson, Our Credo outlines our responsibility to create an inclusive workplace and respect the dignity and diversity of all people. Our DEI strategy has enabled us to build diverse teams and an inclusive environment that values different perspectives, backgrounds and life experiences. Approaching DEI with intentionality and rigor—as we do every business opportunity—allows our strategy to evolve and remain relevant in our rapidly changing world.

At Johnson & Johnson, all of us have a responsibility to accelerate our progress, and we all are accountable and empowered to drive measurable change.

Because at Johnson & Johnson, WE ALL BELONG.

86% of Johnson & Johnson employees agree with the statement: I feel I belong at Johnson & Johnson (Our Voice Survey, 2021).
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Research shows that employees who feel they belong at work are much more likely to experience remarkable improvements in the following career indicators:1

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1 “The Power of Belonging,” Coqual, 2020,
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