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About this DEI Review

About this DEI Review

Our third Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Impact Review showcases the multitude of ways in which we at Johnson & Johnson advance, embed and promote a diverse workforce; an equitable approach; and an inclusive culture across our business and in the communities we serve. The values of DEI cut across our three business segments (Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Consumer Health) and all the regions of the world in which we operate, and our DEI Strategy underpins everything we do. In this Review, we share examples of progress made in 2021, building on our many years of commitment and action to make DEI how we work every day. We also share our evolved DEI strategy and how we intend to continue to advance DEI in the coming years.

In this Review, we share data about our activities and progress relating to DEI. Where data are replicated or referenced from our 2021 Health for Humanity Report or our 2021 Annual Report, many of which are externally assured, we note this accordingly. Other information and data in the Review have been verified internally and aim to be a true representation of our DEI journey.

Information relating to the financial performance of Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries, as well as the “Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements,” can be found in the Johnson & Johnson Annual Reports, available at

We welcome conversations with readers of this Review and sincerely invite you to contact us with queries or comments at

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How We Define DEI

Diversity is about each individual’s unique perspective. It’s about each of us, our colleagues and the world we care for—all backgrounds, beliefs and the entire range of human experience.
Equity is tailoring tools and resources to meet the unique needs of each individual and continuously improving our systems and processes, so everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Inclusion is creating a deep sense of belonging, where each individual is valued, each one’s ideas are heard and everyone advances this culture for everyone.

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