Advancing Equitable Health Outcomes

Emphasizing equity as a priority at Johnson & Johnson encourages a fair, collaborative, and inclusive cultural environment where we can deliver products and services that meet the needs of those who count on us. Through our approach to embedding DEI into critical business processes, we are able to execute on our priorities of more equitable access and outcomes across our value chain.

In addition, we are taking action—together with other companies, policymakers, academic organizations and advocacy partners—to facilitate greater dialogue among underrepresented communities to help address systemic health inequities. We use the breadth and depth of our expertise and partnerships to create a more equitable world.

We believe that one’s place of birth, gender, color of skin or any other dimension of diversity should not determine anyone’s access to care, quality of care or health outcomes. We all have a right to equitable access, because we all belong.

Frank Rodriguez

Leader, Our Race to Health Equity, Johnson & Johnson