DEI is everyone’s responsibility. Our people leaders set the tone and engage with Johnson & Johnson executives for their support and commitment in helping embed DEI as a priority at all levels of the organization.

DEI leadership operates within a defined governance structure that clarifies responsibilities and assigns accountability for taking action and achieving results. Our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Committee set a consistent direction through their leadership and engagement in advancing DEI, including quarterly reviews of DEI performance. Twice a year, the Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors reviews DEI progress and performance.

Our Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) is responsible for the development and integration of our DEI global strategy. The Global Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, led by our CDEIO, drives the strategic direction of DEI across the Enterprise and is accountable for the implementation of our policies, programs and practices.

Integrating DEI across our Enterprise

Leaders within their respective business andcorporate functions who drive outcomes Embed DEI across the Enterprise through global processes, policies and programs Owners and drivers of our DEI strategy for teams Our three businesses include: MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Health Voluntary, employee-led groups with shared identities, affinities and experiences who deployinitiatives in local markets Active contributors to our culture of belonging Senior business leaders from each of our regions who provide strategic guidance and ensure regional relevance and execution Active contributors to our culture of belonging Executive leaders who driveaccountability and engagementfor our DEI efforts Leaders within theirrespective business andcorporate functionswho drive outcomes Embed DEI across the Enterprise through global processes, policies and programs

The key frameworks and tools that help us stay on track to deliver our DEI Mission, Vision and strategy include:

Our Credo & Our Leadership Imperatives

that set a standard for our employees and people leaders to engage and work across our Enterprise, underpinning a culture of inclusion;

DEI Goals

that link to performance and support accountability across the Enterprise;

Our Formal DEI Policy & Governance Process

that guides teams to leverage experts and resources that align with our DEI strategy;

Dedicated Teams

within our Human Resources organization that focus on hiring, developing and retaining top talent across our Company, with a focus on building and maintaining a diverse workforce;

Our Enterprise-Wide Biennial Our Voice Survey

used to measure our culture of inclusion, including how our employees feel heard, valued and respected, and free to be their authentic selves. In alternate years, the Our Credo Survey provides a measure of employee sentiment and feeling of connection to our colleagues and our values; and

Transparent Reporting

on progress through the publication of our annual Health for Humanity Report, supplemented by the DEI Impact Review.