Looking Ahead

For 137 years, the values of DEI have been part of our culture at Johnson & Johnson and woven into how we do business every day. While these values, and our commitment, will remain constant, our approaches and practices will continue to evolve as we lead in a dynamic world where DEI has never been more meaningful.

We recognize, and welcome, the importance of DEI across all dimensions of our business. We anticipate that in the coming years, our workforce will even more strongly prioritize equitable and inclusive opportunities for all. Our commitment is unwavering, not only to attract and retain the best talent, but to work to build within our communities the talent pools of the future.

We continue to prioritize DEI as a strategic business imperative, and understand the importance that it serves in driving innovation and delivering on the needs of patients and customers.

We are excited about building on the momentum we have created by delivering our DEI strategy with accountability, transparency and authenticity. We have the opportunity to accelerate equitable outcomes in healthcare and support an empowering workplace in which We All Belong.

Illustration of diverse people sitting around a table collaborating representing various abilities, races, ethnicities, and ages.  (illustration)