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About this review

This fifth annual We All Belong: DEI Impact Review highlights the stories of our J&J colleagues and partners advancing DEI across our organization and in our markets. We demonstrate the connection between DEI and innovation, and the resulting benefits for our patients, customers, employees and communities. Our DEI vision, mission and strategy underpin everything we do across our global organization, making DEI how we work every day.

Information relating to the financial performance of Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries, as well as the “Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements,” can be found in the Johnson & Johnson Annual Reports, available at

In November 2021, the Company announced its intention to separate the Company’s Consumer Health business into a new, publicly traded company, now called Kenvue. The separation of Kenvue was completed in 2023, and all information and data relating to Kenvue are not part of this Review.

We welcome queries or comments on the content in this Review at

A diverse group of people with disabilities and various backgrounds holding signs promoting inclusion, equity, and making a difference. (illustration)