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Since 2019, J&J MedTech partners with the Society of Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS) to provide training to surgical residents of color via the Diverse Surgeons Initiative (DSI) 2.0 Program. Each year, SBAS selects residents to participate in DSI and join our national in-person training programs at the J&J Institute to receive supplemental surgical training at J&J. DSI 2.0 aims to provide surgical residents from underrepresented groups with the fundamental surgical skills to enable them to excel in their residencies and have a firm foundation when beginning a fellowship. In 2023, 52 surgical residents from 28 academic medical schools in the U.S. gained training through our MedTech Future Leaders Program.

J&J MedTech’s Women of Orthopaedics team engaged more than 1,000 female orthopaedic surgeons worldwide through a range of inspiring industry events, partnerships with leading associations, and development of orthopaedic implants, instruments, and technology design.

The J&J MedTech Women in Surgery Advisory Board Asia Pacific was established to better understand the challenges faced by women surgeons in the region and understand how to better support them. Following a survey among women surgeons in the region, the Advisory Board has helped identify opportunities to create change through targeted actions at J&J. As a result, we are exploring how we can leverage our internal resources for mentorship, allyship and combating bias to share within the industry.