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Foster well-being

As part of our mission to make DEI how we work every day, we aim to create a workplace in which everyone feels they belong. This means ensuring our human resources policies and programs are designed in an inclusive way and that all employees have the opportunity to advance their own well-being.

J&J encourages employees across the globe to take control of their personal health and well-being and our benefits and programs help them do so. The focus is on flexibility and solutions that aim to meet the needs of all employees, whatever their circumstances. In 2023, we made significant improvements to employee well-being benefits.

We increased the Global Well-Being Reimbursement (GWR), a sum that encourages employees to move more, eat healthy, recharge and prioritize their mental well-being in ways that fit their lives. The annual GWR increased from $40010 to $500 and we included additional healthy eating activities to our list of eligible reimbursement expenses. Employees have the freedom to choose the well-being activities best suited to their individual needs.

Impact in 2023

Top Five

GWR enhancements was one of the top five items that engaged employees in our J&J News updates


eligible employees applied for and received GWR

$27 million

was provided by J&J as reimbursement of employee expenses through GWR

A healthcare professional and a patient embracing, symbolizing care and support. (illustration)

These enhancements continued J&J’s ongoing efforts to improve the value of our benefit offerings and acknowledge the interconnectedness of different well-being dimensions. The increase also aligns with our aim to be an industry leader in the delivery of solutions to existing and evolving employee well-being needs.

To reduce the stress and added worry of taking time away from work for critical moments, we introduced updates to our Global Paid Time Off Benefits. We want J&J employees to have the flexibility and peace of mind to take the time needed to care for a loved one, heal from a loss and give time to their community. The enhanced benefits are:

  • Caregiver Leave: 10 days annually to care for an immediate family member with a critical illness or injury.
  • Bereavement Leave: 30 days annually to heal from the loss of an immediate family member (5 days for other family members).
  • Volunteer Leave: 4 days per calendar year to give time to volunteer with a qualifying organization or event.

The mental well-being of our employees is always top of mind at J&J, and we are committed to providing best-in-class mental health and well-being services to support employees and their loved ones in whatever comes their way: at home, at work and beyond. We understand that every employee is balancing their own professional and personal circumstances and that our support must also match that variety of unique needs. To help employees manage work and personal challenges, we enhanced our EAP and CARE Services (Employee Assistance Program—Confidential, Accessible, Responsive and Engaged) to improve support to employees and their families, giving them access to work-life support, therapy, counseling and on-demand, self-guided exercises that they can use at a time that works best for them. In 2023, we improved our mental health care offerings with vendors across 70 markets intersections of identity and preferences to meet the needs of our employees and their families.

10Currency is USD ($), adjusted to reflect relative cost of living, less appropriate taxes. Does not include Abiomed Germany, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Ukraine, and Venezuela.