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#IAmRemarkable is an external global initiative that strives to empower everyone to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. In 2023, our Women’s Leadership & Inclusion (WLI) ERG in EMEA launched #IAmRemarkable across the region within its WLI Advancement Academy. It complements existing tools and activities such as mentoring, answering a clear need from many employees. Taking part in an #IAmRemarkable workshop is the opportunity to develop confidence and skills at work and is the first step to becoming a facilitator to develop leadership training for others.

Engagement in 2023


J&J facilitators


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Aurélie Debaene, CoE Events Manager, P&RP Events, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine (photo)

It matters to me

Aurélie Debaene, CoE Events Manager, P&RP Events, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

”IAmRemarkable was a great initiative to remind me of the importance of celebrating myself: knowing how to recognize my successes and having tips that encourage me to carry on doing it regularly.

This innovative session pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was sometimes a difficult exercise—we realized the difficulty of starting a sentence with “I’m remarkable because...”, but we encouraged each other to do so thanks to an atmosphere of caring and listening.

This workshop made me realize that I’m strong in certain areas and I dared to say it out loud. I was forced to realize that with routine, day-to-day life and a little bit of modesty, I’d forgotten what a strong woman I was!”