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Through our J&J Foundation, we maintain a $50 million impact investment fund, J&J Impact Ventures (JJIV) that supports companies and entrepreneurs innovating to improve health equity. Financial returns from successful portfolio companies are reinvested, enabling further expansion of the Fund’s impact. 2023 was a year of significant investment activity, doubling the size of the JJIV portfolio to more than 20 investments, with the majority of these investments in low- and middle-income countries. In addition, the JJIV Accelerator provides early-stage support, often to underrepresented founders. In 2023, it offered training, mentorship and one-time grants to 32 companies, of which 50% were founded by women and 84% by people of color, reflecting a broad diversity of health equity focus areas.

Ashlee Wisdom, Health In Her HUE, a JJIV-Supported Company (photo)

It matters to me

Ashlee Wisdom, Health In Her HUE, a JJIV-Supported Company

What motivated you to start Health In Her HUE?

“I have experienced firsthand the pain that comes from constantly facing discrimination, indifference and dismissal in healthcare settings. It’s isolating and discouraging, and countless other Black women have told me stories about feeling the same way. Health In Her HUE is empowering women of color to address these issues. We can heal and take control of our health together.”

How are you growing your reach?

“I have tremendous appreciation for J&J Impact Ventures as a valued investor and partner, contributing to the growth and impact of Health In Her HUE. Specifically, the funding is supporting our plans to scale Care Squads and virtual consultations, reach new community members and further develop our platform.”