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HealtheVoices, J&J’s engagement platform for online health advocates, held its annual conference welcoming patient advocates, caregivers, healthcare professionals and J&J leaders for three days of learning, networking and sharing insights that will advance better health for all. More than 110 health advocates from dozens of health communities attended, with two-thirds identifying as advocates of color. Throughout the three-day event, J&J leaders held discussions on critical topics such as diversity in clinical trials, the importance of culturally competent care and health stigma. The conference generated more than 700 posts across social media channels, with an estimated reach of more than 2 million, amplifying the insights generated by HealtheVoices participants.

Monique Gore-Massy, Lupus, Autoimmune & Women’s Health Advocate (photo)

It matters to me

Monique Gore-Massy, Lupus, Autoimmune & Women’s Health Advocate

How do events such as HealtheVoices help?

“My involvement with HealtheVoices has been nothing short of a continued ripple effect, bridging my livelihood and advocacy. It’s not mere hyperbole, I haven’t come across another online or in-person health community like HealtheVoices! The environment fosters access to insights and operations in spaces where patient voices like mine have often heavily been regulated. They’ve uniquely found a way to address symmetry across disease states, social identities and structural factors—all with an empowering patient-centric approach.

HealtheVoices allows each of us as healthcare stakeholders to be further educated about our diverse opinions and conditions. I’ve personally been blessed to hold space with, and also for, amazing humans who are passionate about how “better” is actualized across the healthcare ecosystem.”