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Attract and recruit

In line with our strategy to build a workforce of individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities, cultures and perspectives, we employ a range of approaches to ensure our talent outreach is proactive, inclusive and welcoming.

While expanding access to talent through non-traditional and underleveraged channels, we also take a deliberate approach to remove gender and racial bias through our recruiting processes. Consistent with our Code of Business Conduct, our employment and development decisions are strictly made on the basis of qualifications and skills, and not based on race, gender, ethnic status, age or any other demographic or protected status.

Recognizing the importance of top talent is the first step—but connecting with and attracting that talent takes a concerted effort within our organization as well as collaboration with external networks. For example, we partner with several talent organizations, such as A-kwadraat, Lime Connect, HBCU Connect and the Society for Advancing Chicanos & Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), to expand our network and access the top talent across various communities.

Impact in 2023


individuals hired globally of whom: 51% were women, 7.4% were aged over 50

Three individuals working independently with laptops and a smartphone, sitting in a relaxed manner. (illustration)