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We track our progress in advancing DEI across the organization in several ways to ensure we can better meet the needs of employees, patients, customers and investors. The key ways we measure and disclose our progress include:

  • Annual Health for Humanity Report: We report publicly and transparently on our progress against our aspirational DEI-related Health for Humanity Goals, together with a full set of performance data that are externally verified and assured.
  • Compliance and equal opportunity: We have global policies and maintain strict vigilance regarding compliance with current and emerging laws and regulations governing employment and DEI-related matters.
  • Internal reporting: We provide our leaders with talent development, inclusion and diversity metrics on a regular cadence so they can assess progress.
  • DEI leadership expectations: J&J people leaders are responsible for developing diverse and inclusive teams and fostering a culture of belonging for all employees.
  • Listening to employee insights: A subset of responses from our annual Our Credo survey is aggregated to form the Inclusion Index—a composite measure of how our people leaders are delivering a culture of inclusion. The Inclusion Index is part of our Vice President (VP) DEI status report and influences overall VP-level performance assessment.
  • Industry leadership: Benchmarking our performance against industry peers is a reflection of the impact we make through DEI. We frequently receive awards for our DEI programs and achieve high rankings from multiple rating organizations (see section: Awards and recognitions).