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To ensure our J&J DEI Strategy is actionable around the world, in 2023, we developed our DEI Maturity Model Assessment Tool, to assess the state of DEI at the country level. Our program enables consistent implementation of key DEI programming, while being flexible enough to account for nuances rooted in local laws, cultures and practices.

The tool provides a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis across 140 criteria and 20 dimensions of DEI in a given country. We completed a pilot assessment in five countries, engaging various teams, including ERG, business and human resources leaders. These insights allowed us to develop tailored approaches to drive DEI in each country.

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J&J DEI maturity model 2023 assessment pilot results (5 countries)

The DEI Maturity Model has allowed our MedTech business in Canada to create an action plan that lays out what to focus on in the short term and the long term—both internally for our employees and in the market. This roadmap has helped us identify where we can continue to build DEI into our business plans to deliver impact for our customers and patients, but also continue to be a DEI leader among our partners.”

James Brodie, General Manager, Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada