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In 2023, the ERGs continued to advance a host of unique initiatives, adding insight, experience and enthusiasm to the different dimensions of our DEI strategy, reinforcing our culture of belonging and contributing to a stronger J&J for all. Read on for a selection of ERG impacts in 2023.

African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC)

Orange triangle and African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) logo (logo)

Leveling up

Launched an eight-part career training series called “Leveling-Up: Harnessing the Power in You” to provide all employees with professional development resources, including webinars .

45th MLK celebration

Sponsored in partnership with H.O.N.O.R. (Helping Our Neighbors with Our Resources) for employees and voices from the community who are following in Dr. King’s footsteps in creating a more fair and equitable society.

Black women’s health experience

Continued a global monthly discussion on specific health challenges that Black women experience to provide insights and inspire action across J&J.

Alliance for Diverse Abilities (ADA)

three colourful elypses overlapping each other (logo)


Raised for Best Buddies, an organization dedicated to ending social, physical and economic isolation of 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Disability inclusion training

Launched six training modules for use with the Access Ability Talent Program and advised facilities on making campuses ADA compliant.

Disability:IN conference

Represented J&J at the global conference of this leading nonprofit for disability inclusion, with the ADA Leadership Team engaging to hear about best practices and showcase J&J’s programs.

Association of Middle Eastern & North African Leadership & Inclusion (AMENA)

Outline of three mosque-styled buildings Association of Middle Eastern & North African Leadership & Inclusion (AMENA) logo (logo)

Humans of AMENA

Introduced new program in this educational series, focusing on Pakistan, with women J&J leaders sharing their personal journeys, highlighting challenges and opportunities that come from the MENA heritage and value system.

Cultural competence training

Conducted for a large North America team working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to foster effective communication, avoid cultural offenses, adapt to local work practices and enhance productivity.

R&D strategic opportunities

Evaluated to support J&J’s Gulf Cooperation Council teams in identifying ways to support business growth in the Arabian Peninsula.

Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement (ASIA)

Blue circle with ASIA written across in a banner under a bridge and Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement (ASIA) logo (logo)

Immersive learning experience

Provided insights and important perspectives to support J&J’s diversity training programs and create a culture of belonging.

Cultural fluency

Developed workshops covering the art of giving feedback through a cultural lens to drive inclusion for Asian employees; continued a mentoring program that supports Asian employees to succeed in the organization.

Lunar new year

Held events at several locations to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, fostering cultural connections and educating colleagues.

Generation Now

Capital N in blue with multicolor shadow and Generation Now logo (logo)

Reverse mentoring program

Continued and evolved reverse mentoring to enhance our leadership pipeline and foster intergenerational relationships in 11 countries with 171 mentoring pairs.

Changemakers show

Hosted with India Changemakers and Taiwan Inspiring Generations teams to showcase diverse experiences in Medical Devices and the unique strategic insights generated by their work, with 1,500 participants.

Digital upskilling

Provided J&J leaders with training on new tools and technologies through the APAC Regional Master Intern Program.


A series of layered circles making a compass-like pattern and HOLA logo (logo)

Translating products

Provided translations for 50 Innovative Medicine products, including prescribing information, medication guides, instructions for use and patient package inserts.

Culturally inclusive marketing

Supported by HOLA advisory panel for six campaigns including key Innovative Medicine products, providing Hispanic & Latino insights on treatment approaches for different diseases.

Attracting Hispanic & Latino talent

Engaged widely with the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), including participation in the HACE Annual National Leadership Summit and sponsorship of J&J employees for different HACE leadership programs.

Nursing Alliance

Pink and purple hands with a flame and red-cross symbold between them and Nursing Alliance logo (logo)

J&J nursing mentorship program

Developed in partnership with the Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association, which pairs seasoned professional nurses with student nurses to help them successfully transition into full time nursing roles, with 53 nurses joining the program.

Nursing advisory council

Invited to participate in this newly formed body which aims to gather insights from across the U.S. to better understand the changing health system and market dynamics as well as provide feedback on current and future nursing programs.

National nurses month

Enterprise-wide event organized with more than 200 attendees to elevate and celebrate nurses and educated members on where nurses can further contribute to addressing pressing equity issues in healthcare.

South Asian professional Network Association (SAPNA)

SAPNA in orange and red gradient letters with a lotus flower logo (logo)

Leadership & talent development workshops

Hosted to help build foundational skills for 250 members ready to transition to management level and become effective leaders.

International yoga day

Led a four-part series nationwide providing breathwork, meditation and yoga for physical and mental well-being with more than 100 participants.

Bone marrow registry

Continued partnership with the German Bone Marrow Donor organization to help increase South Asian representation in the Bone Marrow Registry.


Two large overlapping Os in blue and yellow with a red & and Open&Out (O&O) logo (logo)

Senior leader training on LGBTQIA+

Developed to raise awareness of the issues the LGBTQIA+ community faces to support greater inclusion and equity for employees in the EMEA region and launched guide to help LGBTQIA+ employees make decisions about potential international assignments in the APAC Region.

Transgender competency training

Hosted with the Transgender Training Institute in a 4-day event for R&D and DEI in Clinical Trials leaders. Developed global senior leader training on issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community to support inclusion and equity for employees in our EMEA Region.

Transgender inclusive oncology clinical trial

Launched with Global Medical Affairs, one of the first clinical trials with a focus on transgender inclusion, to make prostate cancer trials more inclusive.

Veterans Leadership Council (VLC)

Blue rhombus with white star next to VLC logo (logo)

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS)

Broadened collaboration with this nonprofit that provides entry-level pathways for veterans by expanding our upskilling program to J&J Vision in Jacksonville, with 27 veterans in the program.

Mentoring program

Mentored 100 veterans, through a year-long collaboration with the American Corporate Partners mentoring program, to assist them on their path towards long-term careers in the private sector.

Innovation and supplier spend

Supported innovation with the Veterans Lead QuickFire Challenge Series which awarded $1 million in grants to entrepreneurs and supported spend with Veteran and disabled Veteran-owned suppliers in the U.S., achieving $259 million spend with these suppliers.

Pharmacists Network

A mortar and pestel Pharmacists Network: Learn - Partner - Champion - Care logo (logo)

PharmNet presentation deck

Created as a resource for use at pharmacy school outreach events, to support the professional positioning of J&J. Held several outreach events at Colleges of Pharmacy to introduce student pharmacists to opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry.

#YouStand ByUsAll

Continued to support the Pharmacists Gratitude Campaign with the American Pharmacists Association, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and National Association of Chain Drug Stores to highlight the expanding role pharmacists play on the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Webinar on career roles

Developed with the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) to highlight career roles for pharmacists in the industry.

Women’s Leadership & Inclusion (WLI)

WLI with the L as an upward arrow surrounded by a circle with boxes in a red, orange, and yellow gradient (logo)

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)

Strengthened collaboration with HBA, increasing J&J global membership to 5,000 and co-sponsored three HBA events in different regions on inclusive decision making and the power of networking.

WLI Advancement Academy

Launched to support J&J women in building skills critical to personal and professional growth and continued mentoring programs that impacted 1,600+ employees globally, including launch of “Mentoring Walks” in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Women surgeon cohort

Continued in LATAM as part of the WLI External Outreach Collaborative Program to help female surgeons develop soft skills to advance their careers.