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Asia Pacific

Open & Out Allyship training in APAC

At Johnson & Johnson, we foster a culture of inclusion and belonging where all perspectives, abilities and experiences are valued. ​The Open & Out Allyship training in the Asia Pacific Region was a pivotal initiative led by the Employee Resource Group (ERG).

It aimed to heighten awareness among people managers about the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in APAC, highlighting potential negative impacts on retention and employee engagement.

One of the key components of the training was the launch of an allyship program targeting managers and above, emphasizing the importance of addressing challenges encountered by the LGBTQ+ community in the APAC region.

During the sessions, participants gained insights into the varying levels of inclusion across different markets in APAC, particularly concerning issues like same-gender medical benefits and recognition of same-sex relationships. Three senior panelists shared their personal experiences, shedding light on topics such as psychological safety, the impact of COVID-19 on same-sex couples in regions with limited recognition of partnerships, and challenges related to same-sex medical benefits.

Attendees were encouraged to translate their learnings into action by committing to at least one Goal and Objective (G&O) and actively fostering inclusive environments for the LGBTQ+ community. Overall, the training served as a platform for dialogue, education, and advocacy, empowering participants to become allies and champions of LGBTQ+ inclusion in their respective workplaces across the Asia Pacific Region.

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Latin America

Finding yourself in diversity

At J&J, we collaborate with companies, policymakers, academic and advocacy organizations to shape the future of health. Jornada Encontrarse en la Diversidad is an organization in which the diversity of its members is understood as a value that enriches and empowers all as a community and as people. Jornada Encontrarse en la Diversidad held an event that takes place every year in Argentina, where 2,000 high school and college students engage in full day of activities design to explore how to create more inclusive environments.

This is the largest event focused on diversity in LATAM. During the event, engagement happened through different activities like workshops, panels and shows. The team set path to analyze, recognize and debate exclusion and discriminations in society.

J&J was one of the main sponsors of the event, having several J&J employees working as volunteers during the event and leaders participating as panelist. The event helped us to better understand the experiences of young talent regarding DEI related topics. It also created the opportunity to share best practices and learn from other institutions (public and private) that are actively working on DEI.

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Women in Surgery Africa

Our Global Health Equity organization joined with Women in Surgery Africa (WiSA) and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) to announce the awardees for the first ever Women in Surgery Research Grant (WISURG), which will help to foster the growth of the next generation of female surgeons. The grant, which is supported by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, will provide a $5,000 financial grant, research methodology training and mentorship programming to promote high-level research and increase female surgeon participation in clinical research in the Eastern and Southern African region. The WiSA Grant Selection Committee selected five grantees, focused on a wide range of issues from pediatric trauma, improving breast cancer outcomes to use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in surgery.

The announcement took place at the 23rd College of Surgeons Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Annual Scientific Conference – the leading gathering for the surgical workforce in Africa.

Africa faces a severe shortage of healthcare workers, and surgery is no different, with less than 12 percent of the world’s surgical workforce living on the continent and female surgeons making up just 9 percent of that workforce. This can mean that women are underrepresented in decision-making positions, leaving women’s needs to fall to the wayside when health challenges are being addressed.

Through this grant, Johnson & Johnson is helping to support a robust and diverse workforce, that is poised to deliver safe and quality surgical care that meets the needs of all populations.

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North America

J&J Canada's commitment to reconciliation

Founded in 2022, the Committee to Celebrate Indigenous Culture Canada (CCIC) ERG is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting understanding of Indigenous peoples' issues and cultures.

The CCIC's mission is clear: to foster an inclusive environment within J&J Canada that not only celebrates Indigenous cultures but also acknowledges and addresses their diverse needs as employees, customers, and patients.

The CCIC has achieved significant milestones:

  • Land acknowledgment: The CCIC crafted and published a Land Acknowledgment document, prominently displayed at each J&J site across Canada. This document serves as a tangible symbol of respect for Indigenous lands and traditions.
  • Awareness campaigns: The CCIC has been instrumental in driving awareness of key Indigenous observances throughout the year. Events such as Red Dress Day, National Indigenous Peoples Day, and Every Child Matters Day/National Truth and Reconciliation Day are now recognized and commemorated across the organization.
  • Employee training: Recognizing the importance of education, the CCIC developed an Indigenous 101 employee training module. This module has been completed by all current J&J Canada employees and is now part of the onboarding process for new hires.
  • Community partnerships: Through collaborations with organizations like True North Aid and Workforce Forward, the CCIC has established meaningful relationships within the Indigenous community, furthering their impact and outreach.

By honoring Indigenous culture and amplifying Indigenous voices, J&J Canada is taking meaningful steps towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

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NEUTROGENA launched Neutrogena Heroes of Skin Health Equity

NEUTROGENA launched Neutrogena Heroes of Skin Health Equity to celebrate the work of individuals who embody Neutrogena’s long-term commitment to advancing skin health for all, collaborating to close the "skin health gap" faced by many with Black and brown skin.

NEUTROGENA also signed on as the first official sponsor of the Hutano social platform to help expand access to Hutano’s expertise to those in the BIPOC community looking for information and guidance specific to their skin type and tone.

Portraits of several women (photo)


AVEENO and ESSENCE brands provide opportunities for Black women entrepreneurs

AVEENO and ESSENCE brands provide access, education, resources, and opportunities for Black women entrepreneurs looking to grow their skincare or haircare brands to impact the health and beauty of all skin or hair types.

AVEENO continued its long-standing partnership with ESSENCE, the media company dedicated to Black women, by providing access, education, resources, and opportunities. In 2022, AVEENO and ESSENCE announced year two of the AVEENO Skin Health Startup Accelerator Pitch Competition that provides an opportunity for Black female entrepreneurs to win $100,000 for their beauty business and access to mentorship opportunities from AVEENO business leaders and industry experts.

Video call between patient and doctor (photo)


Janssen Sponsors Stand Up To Cancer

Oncology committed to sponsoring Stand Up To Cancer, a nonprofit promoting cancer research, with a $5 million grant including funding researchers to develop innovative approaches to remove barriers to Phase 1 and Phase 2 cancer clinical trial participation for patients of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as patients in medically underserved communities.

"As one of the leading funders in cancer research, Stand Up To Cancer believes it is critical to ensure that the lack of diverse representation in cancer clinical trials is addressed," says Russell Chew, President, Stand Up To Cancer. "This is a national imperative that we cannot turn away from. We need fresh ideas that help to innovate and redesign the cancer clinical research enterprise to include communities that have long been left out."

Portrait of a male nurse (photo)


Tylenol Develops Scholarship Fund for BIPOC Nurses

TYLENOL® and the Canadian Nurses Foundation established a scholarship fund to advance diversity in the nursing community and support further health equity research.

With a special focus on addressing the needs of BIPOC in Canada, 19 scholarships were awarded in 2022 and 2023 to Canadian nursing students who identify as BIPOC.

A group of people holding signs promoting mental health awareness during Mental Health Week. (photo)

Asia Pacific

Tackling Mental Health Stigma in China

In China, mental health awareness is low. Mental health is rarely discussed, and when it is, it is viewed as a serious medical problem. China ADA worked diligently to address and remove the societal stigma surrounding mental health and created opportunities for employees to discuss the topic openly in the workplace.

China ADA’s efforts included conducting focus groups and a survey throughout Johnson & Johnson China and examining best practices globally. The group used these findings to address important mental health topics, create awareness and foster understanding – all part of their goal to support the mental well-being of J&J China employees. “Myth Buster” videos were part of this campaign and featured J&J China employees acting out real-life situations in Mandarin. These videos were shown across J&J China, from manufacturing floors to office elevators, and played a critical part in activating conversations about mental health.

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Asia Pacific

Building A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce in India

Female representation in the workplace in India is slowly improving, but the gender ratio is very low compared to other regions and countries. The Surgical Vision India team sought to tackle this issue and committed to improving gender parity and building a more inclusive workforce at Johnson & Johnson India.

Initiatives they introduced included raising awareness about diverse and inclusive cultures, implementing a screening process to reduce bias in hiring, and creating a mentorship program to help new hires succeed throughout their careers. This work resulted in a 20% increase of new hires for women in sales roles, compared to an industry norm of less than 4%, and has helped to create a workforce that better reflects the diversity of India and the region.

Three photo stripes with four portraits each placed on a colerful pride flag and the texts 'Pride' as well as the logo 'open&out'. (photo)

Asia Pacific

Driving Workplace Equality in Thailand with Inclusive Medical Benefits

Our Credo states that Johnson & Johnson must provide an inclusive work environment wherein each person must be considered as an individual whose diversity and dignity we respect, and whose merit we recognize. We provide medical benefits for employees, as well as their spouse or partner, regardless of sexual orientation.

To fulfill this benefit, Johnson & Johnson Thailand proactively initiated conversations with our insurer to instate same-sex medical coverage. After months of advocacy and stakeholder agreement, the team received successful alignment with the insurer, and medical benefits for same-sex partners were provided. This effort Johnson &was challenging as across APAC, same-sex marriage is not legally or culturally accepted, and documentation is not legally recognized by the Thai government. The breakthrough work of Johnson & Johnson Thailand served as a milestone for the LGBTQIA+ community, inspiring change.

Johnson & Johnson Southeast Asia Pride celebration with employee photos and rainbow background. (photo)


Raising Awareness About Racism Across EMEA

In response to the global events which took place in early 2020, the African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) EMEA Leadership Team hosted authentic conversations about diversity and inclusion across the region, creating safe opportunities for employees to openly share their perspectives and providing invaluable insight into the Black experience. AALC EMEA catalyzed their work by facilitating An Open Conversation on race attended by nearly 1,000 EMEA colleagues.

This event fostered additional discussions across the region, building a greater understanding of the impact of racism, and addressing practical ways to make Johnson & Johnson more inclusive. One result stemming from these discussions was a new partnership with the Black Young Professional Network, an organization of 50,000 Black professionals, helping Johnson & Johnson reach a wider constituency of top talent as we build a more diverse workforce.

African Ancestry Leadership Council members' photo collage. (photo)


Building a Diverse and Inclusive Technician Workforce for the Future

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Ireland created an innovative and inclusive program for the recruitment and retention of diverse talent at the apprentice technician level to future-proof the business and establish an Early Career pipeline with gender-balanced representation for several roles. To attract female talent and inspire interest in careers in STEM2D disciplines, the team developed an accredited program that offers a combination of 70% on the job training and 30% formal learning.

They collaborated with HR and Talent Acquisition to design and deliver a multi-channel, comprehensive communications plan to drive interest and awareness – including community radio and national television - and partnered with trade associations and the Ireland Apprentice Council to promote the program at career fairs and engineering events. The program has seen much success, with 540 applicants – 113 of whom were women - competing for 12 places in 2020. J&J Vision Care Ireland has been recognized as General Apprenticeship Employer of the Year for two consecutive years and the program has been credited with empowering higher levels of female interest and participation in apprenticeships across Ireland. The program enhances WiSTEM2D’s reach, further diversifying the recruitment and retention of women across all pay grades and backgrounds.

Clean & Clear and Neutrogena products with a rainbow background and the text 'Be Proud of the Skin You're In'. (photo)


Elevating Pride and Brand Purpose

During the 2020 global pandemic, with the London Pride parade cancelled, a cross-functional Consumer Health squad adeptly pivoted from the physical presence of an inclusive brand activation to develop innovative ways to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

Inspired by their mantra, “Pride is never cancelled,” the squad - with members across marketing, customer development, charity, and diversity and inclusion - launched the Skin Health Pride creative media campaign, encouraging consumers to “Be proud of the skin you're in.” The Consumer Health squad met the needs and expectations of consumers that went well beyond physical product; they identified brand purpose and lived into it.

Collage for 'Soul Afro' with various team members and their photos. (photo)

Latin America

Inspiring Change in Brazil Through Education

Education is the key to identifying different forms of racism, recognizing privilege, understanding how history has shaped society, and creating the foundation of an inclusive culture. In Brazil, Black people represent 56% of the population, yet they are under-represented in corporate settings.

The SoulAfro (ERG) team set out to inspire change and raise awareness through an educational series on Black history in Brazil called Afrobetização. These 90-minute webinars, created in partnership with a historian, explored Brazil’s past and resulted in numerous opportunities for discussion and the practice of anti-racism conduct, including: a mentoring program, in partnership with Medical Devices, exclusively for Black employees; a training program, in partnership with the NGO Educafro and Finance; benchmarking conversations with other companies to discuss best practices for racial diversity and inclusion; preparation and launch of the Afro Literacy Booklet that includes curriculum from the webinars; and the launch of the Anti-Racism Commitment, signed by three leaders and shared with all employees as a call to action. In addition, SoulAfro initiated discussions with many internal groups (Marketing, HR, Johnson & Johnson Board Members, Consumer R&D, etc.) to share best practices and determine actions to create a more diverse and inclusive culture for J&J Brazil employees.

Graphic promoting 'Together Against Machismo' by Open&Out and WLI. (photo)

Latin America

Working Against Machismo Latin America

In Latin American culture, machismo is a social behavior pattern in which the Latino male exhibits an overbearing attitude towards anyone he perceives as inferior and demanding subservience. This behavior is often directed towards women and the LGBTQIA+ population.

According to the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL), machismo contributes to violence in the region. Open&Out and Women’s Leadership and Inclusion (WLI), guided by Our Credo, felt a responsibility to address this issue in our Company and the communities where we do business. The two ERGs came together to generate an open and safe space to have a dialogue about machismo and its impacts on inclusion and belonging. This work helped to identify, address and eradicate this behavior, underscoring the message that any kind of violence or aggression will not be tolerated.

Open&Out Chapter Colombia graphic with colorful designs. (photo)

Latin America

Impacting and Enhancing our Reputation as an Inclusive Employer

Open&Out (O&O) Colombia expanded its focus from working internally to create a greater sense of belonging for Johnson & Johnson employees to elevating the Company’s external reputation as a diverse and inclusive employer.

Their aim was to further attract a broad range of top talent. To amplify this message, Johnson & Johnson Colombia and O&O implemented innovative communication tools and strategies, including:

  • Reaching more than 550,000 people through J&J Careers LATAM profiles which shared messages about J&J's support of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Reaching more than 12,000 people in Colombia with a video and social media campaign for Pride-themed product which was implemented during Pride Month (LISTERENE)
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to promote the construction of our first All Gender Bathroom. This example of inclusiveness in Colombia, and reached more than 300,000 people in the region
US Consumer Health Social Equality Discussion with Black Lives Matter and ally sessions. (photo)

North America

Welcoming Allies with the Black Community

In May 2020, the murder of George Floyd illuminated a deep history of racism, bias and social inequity in the U.S. The North America Consumer African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) understood it was important to create a space for allyship to grow, and created the Allies with the Black Community program.

The objective of the program was to build a productive and voluntary community of colleagues interested in helping to take initiative and ownership in addressing racial issues and offering appropriate solutions. In partnership with Dr. Aaron Smith from Temple University, the first in a series of educational webinars was created, Black in America, focusing on the history of social inequity and racism experienced by Blacks in the United States. Thousands of colleagues attended these optional sessions, with 100% reporting it helped them become better allies.

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North America

Building a Diverse Workforce for the Future

Results of a workforce analysis revealed that Medical Devices R&D had leadership pipeline challenges and a homogeneous workforce. In addition, the talent strategy to attract develop and retain high-potential talent was not delivering results.

Using the insights from the workforce analysis, the team established a robust Early in Career talent strategy that consisted of coordinated initiatives in talent acquisition, learning and development, and employee engagement to help strengthen R&D talent pipelines and build an inclusive workforce for the future. A key component of this strategy was the R&D Leadership Development Program (RDLDP). The program was focused on developing a high-quality and diverse technical and engineering talent pool, creating an accelerated development path for Early in Career talent, and strengthening the pipeline for critical roles.

Love, Neutrogena campaign featuring diverse models showcasing skincare products. (photo)

North America

Innovating for Greater Inclusivity with Consumer Products

As the #1 brand for Hispanic and Black consumers, NEUTROGENA has always led innovation and go-to market strategies with inclusion in mind. However, as of 2018 only 10% of marketing spend and less than 10% of the innovation pipeline was dedicated to funding multicultural initiatives.

The team saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo of inclusivity in Beauty, and to better serve the needs of consumers with all skin tones and need states. Therefore, in 2020, they expanded on past multicultural marketing successes - pioneered by the Hydro Boost Cross Category Hispanic strategy - and launched a multicultural-first innovation pipeline and go-to market strategies across the Sun, Acne and FMT categories. Their efforts yielded strong results, including:

  • Rapid Tone Repair increased sales by $3.5MM and outpaced forecasts by +134%
  • Invisible Daily Defense became our first ever sunscreen for all skin tones and ranked as the #1 product innovation at Ulta
  • More Hispanic households purchased Hydro Boost than ever before
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A new pledge for women

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Johnson & Johnson Women’s Leadership & Inclusion (WLI) Employee Resource Group, in 2020, WLI developed a program to energize the entire organization in support of advancing the hiring, retention and promotion of women in the workplace.

Colleagues around the world were encouraged to take a pledge to support the future of all women, at all levels, all around the world. Within a month of the invitation, more than 2,700 colleagues publicly pledged support to advance ALL women at ALL levels ALL around the world.

Products with rainbow-themed packaging, including Listerine, OGX conditioner, and Neutrogena makeup remover. (photo)


Care with pride

Our Care With Pride initiative, now in its ninth year, brings together more than 10 Johnson & Johnson brands and 2,000 employees to champion love, equality and care for all people within the LGBTQ+ community. In 2019, Johnson & Johnson also began selling OGX and LISTERINE products with special Pride-themed packaging in Target and Walmart stores.

This year, NEUTROGENA products join the themed line, as do retail partners Amazon, Ulta, Walgreens, Kroger and Giant. Care With Pride is the corporate sponsor for more than 40 Pride parades and events across the globe and sponsored a Virtual Pride Kickoff to replace physical parades during the COVID-19 pandemic. Care With Pride partners with LGBTQ+ nonprofits, including PFLAG, Trevor Project and GLAAD, and has raised more than US$1 million.

A healthcare worker in a mask and face shield attending to a patient. (photo)


Inclusive access to COVID-19 vaccines

In September 2020, we joined with 15 leading life-science companies and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in signing a landmark Communiqué on Expanded Global Access commitment to ensure that people everywhere have access to the potential COVID-19 innovations under development at the signatory companies.

As part of our commitment, we announced that Johnson & Johnson plans to allocate up to 500 million vaccine doses to lower-income countries. This follows our pledge at the start of the spread of the pandemic to bringing an affordable vaccine to the public on a not-for-profit basis for emergency pandemic use.

Two women bundled up in jackets and scarves, laughing and walking together on a windy beach. (photo)


Open about LGBTQ+

Thanks to our employees around the world, we’re constantly working to make Johnson & Johnson an employer and healthcare company of choice for the LGBTQ+ community. Every day we’re creating a diverse, inclusive and welcoming workplace; understanding and responding to the unique needs of LGBTQ+ consumers; and advocating for public and social equality across the world.

One way our employees are coming together for good is through our Open&Out Employee Resource Group (ERG), one of our fastest growing ERGs. Our support for the LGBTQ+ community is not only evident in the many programs we sponsor or the policies we stand behind. Johnson & Johnson takes special care in helping transgender employees transition through life’s most important decisions.

Two colleagues discussing and looking at a computer screen. (photo)


Partnering to Understand Health Differences

There are several neurologic and autoimmune diseases that have a higher prevalence in women than in men. The differences between men and women remain understudied, contributing to gaps in diagnosis and treatment. For a long time, “women’s health” has suggested conditions specific to women, such as gynecologic disorders.

While gynecologic disorders are important, it’s essential that we remember that cardiology, mental health, neurology, and immune health are also part of women’s health; conditions in these areas impact and show up differently in women than men. We can’t begin to close these gaps without having data on sex-based outcomes and responses.

This is why Johnson & Johnson supports OHDSI (Observational Health Data Sciences & Informatics), a multidisciplinary collaborative committed to developing the data needed to better understand sex- and race-based health and treatment disparities. In partnership with OHDSI, our team is working on multiple projects designed to better understand and treat the sex-based health differences and inequities we see in immunology.

Illustration of two hands clasped together with the text "5B." (photo)

North America

Sharing the impact of HIV through 5B

For over 25 years, Johnson & Johnson has invested in the treatment and eventual eradication of HIV/AIDS. We commissioned 5B to recount the history of HIV and its impact on the LGBTQ+ community, and to recognize the unsung heroes of healthcare.

Told through the voices of nurses and staff working on the world’s first ward dedicated to treating AIDS patients at San Francisco General Hospital in the early 1980s, 5B highlights the nurses and staff who provided care and compassion during a time of great uncertainty. The film continues to be shared through private screenings in multiple LGBTQ+ events, as well as with our external stakeholders and Johnson & Johnson employees.

A woman smiling while working on a laptop. (photo)

North America

Women's Leadership & Inclusion (WLI)

Reading for Inclusion in North America: The WLI team in North America initiated a project aimed at improving feelings of inclusion among colleagues by creating specific content based on suggestions and feedback from Oncology and Immunology field employees.

The team created a summer reading book list based on requested topics that served to offer insights and perspectives, and that help build confidence. This initiative helped the team with individual career development, planning, work-life management considerations and personal development.

A young child giving a kiss to a woman holding a laptop, seated on a couch. (photo)

North America

Workforce of the future

Our DEI team wanted to leverage our Workforce Analytics team in order to provide greater opportunity to deliver a flexible workforce, create a consistent and inclusive experience, accelerate investment with diverse enterprises, and increase skills and job creation for vulnerable populations.

To do this, the team focused on hiring U.S. veterans and building their skills for future permanent employment, training and placing vulnerable populations in Europe and Asia, creating a more attractive and inclusive environment for working mothers, and increasing spend with women- and minority-owned businesses. Successes were achieved in each of these areas, proving that focused change can deliver inclusive impact.

A woman walking and smiling with colleagues in a brightly lit hallway. (photo)


Executive Sponsors Advance Workforce Diversity

Our employee management programs—from recruiting and performance management to talent development and succession planning—are well designed and robust. That said, relationships and networks are critical and equally important for development and advancement, no matter where you work. Data show that women and people of color in corporations have more difficulty developing this type of relationship capital.

That’s why we created the Enterprise Sponsorship Program. The program enables high-performing, diverse talent to build relationship capital that can accelerate their development. Johnson & Johnson designed the Enterprise Sponsorship Program for diverse and high-potential talent, and paired participants with an executive sponsor. One rule: the participants in each pair must reflect backgrounds and experiences different from those of their partners.

A teacher showing a small object to a group of young students in a classroom. (photo)


Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Johnson & Johnson is making it easier for girls around the world to pursue their dreams in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design through a program we call WiSTEM2D. We united a diverse volunteer team in China across J&J business segments and functions along with partners from the local community.

We initiated the first WiSTEM2D event in Suzhou community service center, teaching local students, especially girls, about leveraging 3D printing technologies to help disabled children and build a better and healthier society. To advance student outreach, J&J partnered with leading nonprofit organizations to develop the SPARK STEM2D resource and website. SPARK seeks to enlarge the pool of young people, especially girls and other underrepresented populations, who can aspire to future careers in STEM2D fields.

Modern office interior with people working and a decorative wall. (photo)


JJDC's Diversity Attracts Outside Innovators

Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) is the arm of our Company that seeks to invest in, and partner with, healthcare innovators globally. These entrepreneurs help to deliver the solutions that bring health to the billions of people we serve around the world.

Focused on developing these start-up companies, we are committed to partnering with them from discovery and clinical development to regulatory review and approval, manufacturing and commercialization. Theses innovators speak 10 languages; have degrees in finance, life science, medicine, pharmacology and more; and have lived, worked or attended schools in more than one country. According to one JJDC team member, “The diverse skills and background of the team have been instrumental and complementary in developing well-rounded strategies, business plans and execution results."

Illustration of a woman in a hijab holding a globe with an atomic structure. (photo)


Outsmarting Human Minds

A program at Harvard University, founded by Mahzarin Banaji, devoted to improving decision-making using insights from psychological science to explore the quirks and blind spots of the human mind.

The hope of this project is that by knowing the science, we can take steps to outsmart our minds and improve the decisions we make in life and at work. Johnson & Johnson is a funding supporter of this initiative.

A young girl smiling during a community event with other people in the background. (photo)

North America

JOHNSON'S® Baby Invests in the Hispanic Community

According to Nielsen, multicultural U.S. consumers, including African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics, have a spending power of $3.2 trillion USD. We know that in order to remain relevant in a competitive, global marketplace, we must better understand the needs and preferences of a diverse consumer base.

Among Hispanics, higher education continues to be a priority for future generations. JOHNSON’S partnered with a large major retailer to deliver in-store shelf display promotions that provided a percent of each sale to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). The impact was three-fold: over 500 large retail stores promoted HSF through product displays, there was significant sales lift in the first month, and $50,000 USD were donated to HSF to be directed toward scholarships.

A physical therapist assisting an elderly woman during a rehabilitation session. (photo)

North America

Better bones for African American seniors

In response to research showing that African Americans were less likely to consent to total joint replacement surgery than Caucasians, DePuy Synthes African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) partnered with marketing and patient engagement teams to sponsor a Bone & Joint Awareness Day.

The program was coordinated with MindBody-Soul Connection, LLC and promoted Better bones for African American seniors through events for predominately African American seniors from churches and senior citizen centers in Indianapolis. More than 200 prospective African American osteoarthritis patients attended various Bone & Joint Awareness Day events with a surgeon from the DePuy Synthes Medical Affairs team in 2018 and 2019 to learn about the consequences of avoiding surgical treatments and the health benefits that can be achieved with surgery

A person giving a thumbs-up during a video conference on a laptop. (photo)

North America

Creating a culture and inclusion framework

At Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, the Immunology Field Sales leadership team partnered with Human Resources and Communications teams to create Janssen’s Culture and Inclusion Framework.

This framework enabled a targeted engagement approach for the field sales workforce to maximize leadership visibility and field connectivity. The result was a roadmap of different engagement touchpoints (dialogues, workshops, experiential learning) aimed at creating open dialogue to emphasize the fact that all voices matter and to deepen the feeling of belonging in the organization.

A group of women collaborating around a table. (photo)

North America

Diverse finance talent pipeline

The Finance African Ancestry Leadership Council’s Intern Program aims to improve the rate of conversion to fulltime employees of African American interns in Johnson & Johnson’s Finance Department.

The program offers professional development while providing networking, mentorship and opportunities to engage with senior finance leaders. From supporting nine interns in 2016, the program has grown to supporting 41 in 2019, assuring a diverse talent pipeline for finance roles in the Company; 97% of participants confirmed they would recommend the program to other interns.

A group of professionals having a discussion in a modern office setting. (photo)

North America

Supporting Hispanic and Latino Communities

Johnson & Johnson was among 130 signatories of the Hispanic Promise, a national pledge to hire, promote, retain and celebrate Hispanics and Latinos in the workplace.

Johnson & Johnson has a long legacy of welcoming and supporting Hispanic and Latino employees, including through our Employee Resource Group HOLA (Hispanic and Latino Organization for Leadership and Achievement), created in 2001 to encourage the development, leadership and growth among its members—now more than 1,650 across 33 chapters.

Learn more

A man speaking to a group of people in a hallway, viewed through a glass window. (photo)

North America

Bridge to Employment Expands

For more than 25 years, J&J has provided Bridge to Employment, a three-year program to open students’ eyes to career opportunities they may not have considered. It includes academic tutoring, career coaching, skill workshops, college preparation/application support, opportunity for J&J internship and opportunity to earn college credits.

We begin engaging with high school students in the 10th grade to prepare them for college and continue to support their development through college to equip them for entry into the workforce as future leaders. To further develop future diverse leaders, Johnson & Johnson piloted “Pathways to Success” to support students through their college years. It includes J&J internships and experiences to enhance leadership development, financial literacy education, communication skills, career counseling and conflict management.

A woman scientist working in a lab with safety goggles, mask, and gloves. (photo)

Asia Pacific

Australia: Focus on women in STEM2D

In Australia, our DEI team developed programs to promote a lifecycle approach to supporting and retaining women in STEM2D careers, recognizing that there are far fewer women than men in STEM2D undergrad courses across Australia.

Our WiSTEM2D team partnered with Griffith University to design initiatives to attract, retain and graduate females into STEM2D careers using mentorship, scholarship programs and research, with the co-funding of a first scientific study evaluating a program to retain women in STEM2D careers. Over 60 students attended mentoring workshops, and scholarship recipients prepared and submitted student impact reports that describe the benefits they gained through this initiative.

A close-up of a smiling girl wearing a colorful scarf with a bindi on her forehead. (photo)

Asia Pacific

India: More women in manufacturing

In India, women’s representation in manufacturing is typically very low. To address this, our team in India made a plan that included increasing female new hires, engaging female trainees in production, implementing mentoring programs, improving gender sensitivity and Unconscious Bias Training.

India now has women in several leadership roles for the first time, including Plant Manager, Line Support Engineer and Shopfloor Supervisor. Women in our manufacturing workforce in India increased from 1% to 7% in 2019, and we expect this to increase further in the coming years.

A young family with a dog in a park. (photo)


Germany: Supporting the elderly and people with disabilities

The DEI team at Janssen Germany launched the Family@Heart platform to address the critical challenges of working parents across the Company by promoting job postings with part-time and flexible working options. This heightened awareness led to an increase in job postings with part-time options, including the first management board position, and more than 150 colleagues subscribing to this new platform.

Further, in order to help colleagues balance work and family needs, new solutions were developed, including a family office for emergencies when other childcare options are not available and a summer camp for children during summer kindergarten and school closures.

An elderly woman and a younger woman embracing and smiling warmly. (photo)


Russia: Supporting the elderly and people with disabilities

In Russia, Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices team launched a program to address the limited involvement of seniors in physical and social activities and the low levels of awareness about the problems of unoperated hip fractures among seniors, in order to improve the trajectory of health for elderly and disabled people.

The team partnered with The Joy of Senior Age charity foundation under the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and other government agencies to launch a Nordic Walking team competition among inhabitants of 11 nursing homes in six Russian regions. The objective was to increase physical and mental health for all participants.

Similarly, our Russian Geriatric Fracture Program leveraged media and community outreach to build awareness and motivate elderly and disabled people to take greater responsibility for their health and prevent slips and falls. Through advocacy and engagement with State healthcare decision-makers, geriatric hip fracture treatment was offered as an obligatory surgical treatment within 48 hours at a federal level in Russia.

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Latin America

Brazil: A diverse team for diverse teams

Our Talent Acquisition team in Brazil set an example for colleagues there by creating their own diverse team. Then, to encourage others to create diverse teams in Brazil, they launched a “Manifesto Day” to connect the many DEI initiatives across the Company. The Day included a video and presentation of DEI initiatives and ERGs.

Approximately 3,000 colleagues in Brazil engaged, and more than 300 joined an ERG of their choice. Further, the Talent Acquisition team was able to develop a pipeline of 1,500 diverse candidates for roles at Johnson & Johnson Brazil.

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Latin America

Costa Rica: Partnering with the government

Our WiSTEM2 D program started in Costa Rica in 2018. In 2019, to expand its scope and increase its impact, our team in Costa Rica engaged with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Committee of the Ministry of Public Education.

The idea was that creating awareness through education would help more girls benefit, as young women are often influenced by social norms that deter them from STEM. Since 2018, the program has reached over 700 students, of whom 450 are girls, from over 20 schools.

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Latin America

Reimagining Our Talent Strategy

Latin America is home to 17% of our workforce, and a vital market for all our business sectors. In 2018, our new Global Services center in Bogotá, Colombia, was seeking to attract the best, diverse talent. They held a branded hiring event, met with 160+ candidates and hired talent from diverse markets. Ethicon Brazil launched its Trailblazer program in 2018, which included creating a new sales supervisor role and launching its Leadership Development Program – tripling the percentage of female sales leaders.

Janssen Brazil redesigned its hiring strategy in 2018. Job descriptions now focus on finding talent who display courage, responsibility, an interest in collaboration, and quickness, as well as education and industry experience – helping Janssen become a more attractive employer in a competitive market.

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Transforming Minds About Mental Health

Johnson & Johnson is committed to empowering and inspiring employees through a culture of health that embraces physical, financial, spiritual and mental wellbeing. In 2017, the Alliance for Diverse Abilities (ADA) Employee Resource Group (ERG) created a vision to transform the world’s mind about mental health with the creation of the Mental Health Diplomats (MHD), a group of employees who champion better appreciation of mental health across J&J and in our communities.

Under the ADA ERG, the MHD offered mental health awareness training in 2018, where participants were trained to respond in LOVE: L(isten), O(bserve), V(alidate), E(ncourage). They expanded the focus of ADA to include mental health, and became one of the fastest growing ERGs, expanding from five to 32 countries in one year.

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North America

Effective Return to STEM Careers

To meet the needs of professionals returning to the workforce, we created Re-Ignite – a program to help professionals in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design (STEM D) re-enter the workforce after being away more than two years. This includes women and men who have taken time out for parental leave, military service or to advance their education.

Re-Ignite enables STEM D professionals to experience a four-month returnship with in-depth onboarding, industry-specific skills training, paid on-the-job learning opportunities, and support from J&J mentors and program alumni. There is also an opportunity to apply for a full-time role after completing the program. As a result of a successful pilot in 2017, the Company has expanded the program across several geographies and businesses in 2018.

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North America

Diversity in Clinical Trials

Janssen Research & Development, LLC, is committed to changing how we approach clinical trials to ensure that we are providing the most effective therapies for all, especially those who are disproportionately impacted by certain chronic conditions.

Through a centralized Diversity in Clinical Trial Strategy (DICT), efforts are ongoing in HIV, Lupus and Prostate Cancer. One example of DICT – the LOTUS clinical trial – has inspired best practices to: understand which communities are impacted by the disease state and develop a plan to source trial participants reflective of those impacted; educate clinical trial teams about the importance and value of enrolling diverse patient populations; partner with employee resource groups to determine if recruitment materials resonate; go where the patients are; and ease the logistical burden among patients.

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North America

Leaders ASCEND and RISE

While we have had a focus on, and programs dedicated to, the development of women and multicultural leaders for many years, we recognize that the needs of the workforce continue to evolve. To respond to the changing needs, we launched ASCEND and RISE in 2018, two programs designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential, high-performing mid-level diverse talent into more senior roles.

These professional development programs engage employees in improving their skills and competencies in line with career and personal growth objectives. The two programs are designed to include in-person residences, coaching, executive sponsorship, assessments, applied learning and development planning. ASCEND is focused on developing women, and RISE is focused on multicultural leaders across the enterprise.

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CAST Tackles Stereotypes

It is a priority for our brands to develop a unique connection for consumers with our products. To help our brands and partners raise standards for representing a diverse makeup of consumers, we are Casting Aside Stereotypes Today (CAST).

Comprised of leaders across business sectors in Northern Europe, CAST has a mission to reflect our strong D&I commitments externally via our brand campaigns and advertising, ensuring that these genuinely represent the diverse consumers we serve. We evaluated stereotypes in 2017 campaigns and challenged brand teams to: represent diverse makeup of consumers; portray characters, settings and tone in an inclusive manner; avoid negative stereotypical representations and alienating social groups; represent talent in a positive, inspiring or aspirational way; and promote positive and well-rounded standards of beauty.

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Growing Our Awareness of Disabilities

One billion people, or about 15% of the world’s population—as reported by WHO—experience some form of disability, yet there are many misconceptions about them.
Two One Young World Ambassadors from The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) in the UK, Tiina Annus and Caroline Lilley, launched a disability awareness campaign in December 2018 to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

They featured stories of three individuals living with common hidden disabilities—dyslexia, hearing impairment, inflammatory bowel disease—in a multi-channel employee campaign, including: email communications, articles, banners, social media and print materials. At J&J we’re proud of the work we’ve done to drive inclusiveness for people with disabilities, and we’ll continue to do more.

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Next Generation of Leaders Reimagines Culture

In our Consumer Research & Development (R&D) center in Val De Reuil, France, seven millennial-age employees are evolving our culture by identifying ways to include the unique perspectives and career interests of next-generation workers into our business decisions. Their program, COMITY, sets the stage for the more diverse experiences millennials are seeking in companies.

The team has modernized town halls to be more engaging and to celebrate belonging. They identified new opportunities to build job skills by understanding how our world is changing and how it will impact future R&D jobs. They also reworked our talent strategy to make everyone feel included, gave a voice to diverse thinking and brought new perspective on strategic topics while giving credibility to the millennial generation at Johnson & Johnson.